Welcome to Wassayaks!

What are you craving?

How about a latte? A salad? A panini? The finest smoothie this side of the Andromeda galaxy? We can make that happen.

Back in the distant, halcyon days of early 2015, a cafe called Yaks occupied the space where Wassayaks now sits, and Andy, that one guy who now has his name on the electric bills, was but a humble manager there. When he bought the cafe, he wanted to honor the place and people where he got his start, and so it was christened “Wassayaks”. Because it was a Yaks. Ha. Get it? Funny, right? Laugh with us and maybe you’ll get a free coffee someday.

There’s an alternate version of how this cafe came to be named, and it can be found right here. I’m not saying which one is true–they may be equally correct. But it’s definitely that one.

Second only to “Where’s your bathroom?”, the question we hear most often is definitely “Do you guys serve food?” Quick answer: yes. This is usually followed by, “Is it good?” And while we’d be stupid to shrug our shoulders and tell you that no, it’s terrible, our honest response is another quick one: yes, it’s delicious. Really.

All our sauces are homemade. Chocolate sauce: homemade. Asiago ranch: homemade. Coffee beans: roasted weekly (and ritually blessed) by Andy himself. Chai: we buy it from some guy under the overpass who assures us that it’s “really good stuff.” No, we’re kidding. We grind the spices ourselves and boil it ourselves and there is (generally) no overpass guy involved. Very homemade.

These are all just cherries, though, on top of the Wassayaks sundae. (This is speaking metaphorically, because unfortunately we do not serve sundaes.) What we’re really proud of–the real cream in our not-for-sale sundae–is our relationship with our customers. You’re why we’re here. You’re why we care. If not for you, every member of the Wassacrew would probably have scattered and purchased our own private islands by now. You’re the glue that keeps us from our private islands. (And we mean that in a good way.)

We’re a little family at the base of the mountain, and you’re totally invited to come to our party and hang out, have some coffee, chat a little. You’re kind of why we threw the party in the first place.


(530) 926-4019


333 N Mount Shasta Blvd
Mount Shasta, CA 96067


Mon-Sat: 7 am to 6 pm
Sun: 7:30 am to 5 pm